About Satori Art & Event Design

Satori Art & Event Design – Cluj Napoca, Romania

From a very young age, I always loved art, the way it can transform simple objects and materials, and bring your wildest dreams to life by creatively using colours, textures, and volumes. Through art, inspiration and creativity, impossible is nothing: you can recreate the vibe of eras long gone, of movies, books and fairytales, of precious moments from your past or give birth to brand new enchanted worlds.

After carefully planning and handcrafting the entire decor for my Victorian inspired wedding, encouraged by my husband,  many friends and family members, I decided to turn my passion for people, art, design and romance into starting Satori Art & Event Design: a boutique event design company, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, that specializes in creating unique, custom-designed weddings and events, as well as handcrafted decorations & gifts.

In a country dominated by tradition, I wanted to offer something different to Romanian couples and celebrations, encourage people to embrace their personality and style and reflect them through each special event they celebrate.

How we make your event unforgettable

We like to take the time to understand your vision, discover your style  and learn about your story by asking well thought out questions and listening carefully. The inspiration for your event can be taken from unlimited sources, and each one is just a puzzle piece waiting to fall into place and weave the story of your celebration.

Once a design direction is agreed upon, we create an inspiration board that reflects the overall look so that you can begin to see your vision come to life.

Our Philosophy

At Satori Art & Event Design, we look at each wedding/event as a chapter in your unique fairytale, waiting to take shape and be shared with the ones you love. We treat each event with great care and attention, and our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing a couple’s dream wedding come to life. It is our mission to create events that are completely reflective of your style and taste, that are both exquisite and memorable.

Let’s meet and create a day that’s truly yours!

Things we love

  • Personal, handcrafted details
  • Themed events inspired by movies, historical eras, and worldwide cultures
  • Creative ideas and creative repurposing of objects
  • Antique and vintage decorations
  • Fairytales
  • Natural materials
  • Creative colour schemes rather than all-white events
  • Mixed table centerpieces and decorations
  • Loose, garden inspired floral arrangements
  • Culturally inspired menus and details
  • Intimate gatherings