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Satori Art & Event Design: Eclectic Weddings @ WedMag

There’s a new Satori article you can find on WedMag, containing useful information about eclectic events. You can find the full article in the link below: WedMag – Eclectic Weddings –>

Satori Art & Event Design: Royal Weddings @ WedMag

We are once again featured in WedMag! This time, with a detailed article about how to choose all the decorations for a truly royal wedding. You can find the full article in the link below : WedMag – Royal Weddings –>

Case study @WedMag – How to create an entire event around the things y...

The vast majority of couples want their wedding to integrate either special elements that define them as individuals, or emotionally meaningful items – jewellery passed down from generation to generation, specific dressing styles they resonate with, memories gathered from around the world or during activities they are very passionate about. In many cases however, the couples find it difficult to harmoniously integrate […]

How to choose a wedding theme? @WedMag

Although to many couples, choosing the right theme for their wedding is a true enigma, it is not such a difficult thing to do, and it can bring about many benefits to the entire event planning process. If you want to understand how to pick the perfect theme for your event, what aspects you should […]

Outdoor events

What could be more exciting than hosting an outdoor event ? Whether it is by the seaside, near the woods, by a beautiful lake or in even in a garden, outdoor events are the perfect mix of romanticism, freshness and effortless beauty provided by nature.

What is an event designer?

In today’s society, events are gaining a lot more attention than a few years ago. More people want events and receptions that reflects their personality in every detail, while others put more focus on the overall look and feel of the event. Different people and different events have different needs. Due to this fact, several […]

Satori Art & Event Design @Wedding Show 2015

Satori Art & Event Design – Cluj Napoca, Romania