Cluj Napoca’s Wedding Show 2016

This is our second time @Cluj Napoca’s Wedding Show, and we can easily call it a success once again.

We’ve had the chance to meet many couples drawn to our style, some of the them are dear friends who will tie the knot later this year, others are wonderful people who want a special touch to their future wedding reception. We had many vouchers available for the participants and we can gladly say they were all gone in no time 🙂

A big yet wonderful surprise was the large number of requests for full design+decor services for small private events. We are more than excited about this, due to the fact that smaller events can be designed in a lot more detail, and cover styles, colour palettes and decorations that might not be that easily integrated in larger events and weddings.

Once again, we’ve had an amazing collaboration with the floral designer from Artfleur, who provided all the flower arrangements as well as extremely innovative bridal bouquets.

Rather than going all-white, mostly white or purple regarding the decorations, we presented 4 different table setting inspiration styles: Victorian Glamour collection (a wonderful combination of ivory and antique gold, perfect style irrespective of the trends), Marine collection (combination of shades of baby blue, turquoise, teal and white, designed for summertime events), Indian Vibe collection (Indian inspired style and colour palette), as well as Pink Antoinette collection (our brand new collection including table decorations and bride + groom table backdrop panel, a mix of antique pink/rose quartz and gold, Versailles inspired style, perfect for the current wedding colour trend).

At the end of the wedding fair, we were happy to see that people are becoming more and more receptive when it comes to unique designs and bold colours. Slowly but surely, Romanian couples show more interest in adding style to traditional weddings and events, and rather than copying US trends, they start going for a more european or personal style.



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