New beginnings


Starting from January 2016 we have become an official WedMag Romania partner, as a reaffirmation of the quality of services we deliver to events. WedMag Romania is wedding platform that includes a site, blog, as well as an online wedding magazine that promotes high quality services, providers, ideas and inspiration for Romanian couples that want to tie the knot.

In a business area where most companies provide the exact same items and services, we are happy to be able to let more couples know that special things exist out there,  that handcrafted items can make a difference between a normal event that resembles 1000 others in the same year and the event of their dreams, that you should not be confined by a few trends but should always dare and remain true to your personal style and preferences.

Every small step we take helps us get known by more people in Romania and around the world, and be able to deliver unique designs and decorations to more of those who love the style we promote and cherish the artistry and hard work that goes into handcrafting.

You can find our page on WedMag using the link below:

Satori Art & Event Design – WedMag



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