Outdoor events

What could be more exciting than hosting an outdoor event ? Whether it is by the seaside, near the woods, by a beautiful lake or even in a garden, outdoor events are the perfect mix of romanticism, freshness and effortless beauty provided by nature.

However, there are many things you need to consider when hosting such an event. What might look stunning in a ballroom is not necessarily a good option outside.


There are mainly two options you have: standard rentals and authentic wooden tables.

If you want a glamorous outdoor event, standard rentals are perfect. Use round tables with a great cover, but do make sure they are smaller than the usual ballroom ones.

If you aim for a rustic, natural feel, or a woodland theme, the second option is the best. The wooden tables don’t necessarily need to be identical but they have to look good together. Use long, rectangular ones you can unite and give structure to the open space. If you don’t have/find such tables to use, standard rectangular rentals are the second best option, but in order to achieve the rustic feel, you need to make sure you use the appropriate table cloths.

Tall, cocktail tables are also a very good option for outdoors, in addition to the standard ones. Attendants will want to make the most of the time in nature, and not have to sit down all the time.


Same as with the choice of tables : it all comes down to the style you want to achieve.

For glamorous/elegant events, chiavari chairs and similar models are the best option there is. They come in a variety of colors, there are many rental companies that can provide you the models you need, and they’ll definitely make the event shine.

For a more rustic look, wooden chairs are perfect. Don’t worry if they are mismatched – this will only add more charm and a cosy feel.

Table Cloths

Table cloths are optional for outdoor events – it depends entirely on the type of tables you want to use and the style you are aiming for. If you use standard rentals, most of them require covering. If you have authentic wooden tables, it might be a good idea to skip the table cloth part – you can however opt for table runners.

For standard rental tables, if you want to add a rustic feel, you can use either burlap or cotton, or a combination of both, while cotton lace is perfect for details. For a woodland theme, moss or moss-like table runners are perfect.

Remember that you can achieve a stunning setup even without the covering. The overall style is reflected by every single detail that you put on the table.

Chair Covers

Overall chair covers are not appropriate for outdoor events, irrespective of the theme and style. If you want to make the chairs look special, you can use sashes, small, whimsical flower/leaf arrangements  and other accessories.


The choice of flowers needs to be made based on the location as well as the style of the event. For rustic themes, you can practically use wild flowers and mixes with a lot of colors, shapes and sizes. Integrating moss, succulents, as well as ivy can add a whole new dimension to the entire look and feel of outdoor arrangement. For seaside receptions, Baby’s Breath exudes a lot of delicacy either by itself or in combination with other delicate flowers. Given the location itself is extremely elegant, you can definitely pull it off with roses and hydrangeas, and even cymbidium orchids. But you need to make sure the flower arrangements are never overpowering and always in tune with the setting, style and theme.


Since this is an outdoor event, the height of the centerpieces is not as important as it would be in a ballroom with high ceiling. One of the best options available is using manzanita centerpieces adorned with flowers or leaves. Depending on how you choose to decorate them, they can be perfect for both glamorous, romantic or rustic events. You can also hang small candle votives from their branches that you can light during the night. Small flower recipients can also be very charming, as well as painted mason jars and wood slabs used as supports.


Candle holders and candle lamps

If your event takes places after the evening sets, candle holders and lamps are a must-have. Their light will gently create an enchanting mood.

Photo corners

You don’t need much to create a perfect photo corner in nature. You already have the perfect background, all you need are a few accessories and details.

You can use a large-sized tree to hang candle lamps, bird cages, flowers and decorations from the branches.

You can use furniture as well: a couple of whimsical chairs or a charming bench, a small table filled with items that reflect the event etc.

Arches are particularly good for outdoor weddings, but they do require draping / flowers to make them really stand out.  You can also hang a stunning chandelier if the arch is high enough, and this will make a picture-perfect wedding photo corner for the newlyweds.





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