Aug 2015 : Victorian Romance Wedding Theme

For some time we’ve been thinking about enhancing our Victorian Romance Wedding Theme collection. We already had the hand-painted 5m long backdrop panel, the small candle holders, exquisite bronze and burgundy napkin rings and manzanita holders designed and crafted in the same style and color palette, items we used in October 2014 for the themed wedding. However, based on the multiple requests we’ve had after releasing our previous complete collections, we thought it might be a good idea to add a few more items to the set.

We started by designing and painting the table number photo frame. We chose a larger model to have enough “canvas” for a 3D painting in antique copper and sparkling burgundy and add the same painted brooch base used for the napkin rings on top. The result was amazing: it exuded the same mixture of victorian elegance, exquisiteness, artistry and romanticism we aimed for.

Then we started working on the napkin holder. Once again, using the brooch on both sides added that special touch that completed the gilded look.

The small flower recipients as well as the medium candle holders turned out to be just as exquisite even just with the 3d painting of copper and burgundy.

Looking at the complete collection gave us an amazing feeling, and are very proud to show you the product of our work below.

The location itself (Sun Garden Resort – a true piece of heaven) where we made the photo shooting, and the delicate but extremely beautiful flower arrangements provided by Artfleur made everything come together in a very harmonious way.

Location: Sun Garden Resort @ Cluj Napoca
Design & Decorations: Satori Art & Event Design
Flower Arrangements: Artfleur

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