What is an event designer?

In today’s society, events are gaining a lot more attention than a few years ago. More people want events and receptions that reflects their personality in every detail, while others put more focus on the overall look and feel of the event. Different people and different events have different needs. Due to this fact, several company types are becoming more available on the market: the event rental company, the event planner and the event designer.

Many people still regard them as similar or identical in responsibilities. However, there are many differences between them you should know, in order to choose the right option to meet your specific needs.


The event planner

The event planner is the one that helps you with all the scheduling, budget planning, contracts and contractors. Think of a wedding planner as someone who helps you save a lot of time in decision-making and dealing with all the different contractors you need for your event. Event planners can usually make contractor recommendations based on their past experience, and this will help you find very good options within your budget and needs.


The event rental company

The event rental company is simply one that can rent items for your event from their current inventory. Many of the companies you find on the market mainly do just that. They do not offer the possibility of you requesting something they do not have or variations regarding color/details for something they already have. You are responsible for mixing and matching things from the available ones, since no real design support is usually included. If you have a great artistic sense, this might be enough for your event, provided the rental companies offer the items that match the style and color you need (unfortunately, that is rarely the case).


The event designer

Event design revolves around one important thing: creativity. It is about all of the elements that go into the event that contribute to the overall experience of it.

The event designer is the one that helps you with the overall look and feel of your event and can literally make it unique. It is very similar to a fashion or interior designer. The event designer takes all the necessary time to get to know you, to understand what you like and what you don’t, what better matches your personality and style, and create a concept that reflects solely you. In most cases, the event designers also have a wide collection of rental items that cover many styles, but they do not shy away from creating all the decorations from scratch or obtaining new items they do not have based on the client’s needs – and this is why no event is ever the same as a previous one. They will help you create a cohesive event from beginning to end, and this does not limit to decor or to the reception day. Maybe you want the entire outfit and accessories for the event, the flowers, the menu and deserts, as well as the stationery and entertainment moments to match a theme or style you strive for.
The great thing about hiring true event designers is that they can help you make the most of your event, even within a limited budget, and not compromise the look and feel you want to achieve – this is where creativity and crafting go a long way.


For all the special moments in your life (weddings, christenings, anniversaries etc.) it is extremely important to get to know what the market has to offer and make smart choices regarding planning/renting/designing. The best choice for others might not be the best one for you. Think about what you want to focus on, what you are good at and want to do it yourself, and what is best to leave in charge of those with experience.

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